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Lead Free Solder & Rubber Products

HiQ leadfree

VISTECH is an agent of DYFENCO HiQ Lead free solder Halogen Free / Lead Free Electronics Assembly Materials product

HiQ® chemical products are specially designed for electronic production lines and have high reliability and quality. Products widely applied to wave soldering, hand dipping and SMT electronic industry.



VISTECH is an agent of KUROKI Rubber Products/ PCB Squeegees,Cleaning Roller,PU Elastomer Products,Mechanical Elastic Parts

KUROKI Characteristics :

• Highly Wear-Resistant and Durable.
• Anti acidic/alkaline chemicals.
• Professional scratch blade,
Applicable to various high precision PCB manufacturing.
• Dimension : 9T x 52W x 1600L (unit : mm)
• Color & hardness (Shore A)

© low hardness : green (60°A, 65°A)
© medium hardness : blue (70°A, 75°A)
© high hardness : orange yellow (80° A , 85° A)

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