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IND-SPHINX - PCB Drills & PCB Routers

on Monday, 01 April 2013. Posted in Product

IND-SPHINX - PCB Drills & PCB Routers

VISTECH is an exclusive agent of IND-SPHIX whose is produce high precision tools for PCB drilling process.

IND-SPHINX was founded in the year 1987 with the objective of providing total tooling solutions to PCB industry.

IND-SPHINX The products are made in our plant in Himachal Pradesh, IND-SPHINX using the best STATE-OF-THE-ART MACHINES and inspection equipments. Our production facilities were established in collaboration with SPHINXWERKE MULLER AG, Switzerland - a pioneer in the field of micro machining.

  PCB Super Micro Drills Ø0.10-0.19mm
  PCB Micro Drills Ø0.20-0.65mm
  PCB Drills Standard
  PCB Slot Drills
  PCB Routers Diamond cut
  PCB Routers Chip-Breaker
  PCB Routers High-feed


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